Without ethics life becomes a constant struggle of intrigue, second-guessing and maneuvering.

Ethics is good business. Corporations are becoming more aware of the public’s heightened sensitivity to ethical violations. This awareness is prompting corporations to strengthen their ethical culture. Consequently, more and more corporations are ending value in developing a corporate standard of ethical behaviour that can be applied to all employees.


You are not alone in your interest in business ethics. Today more and more people are beginning to examine how their ethical standards in influence every phase of their lives. Personally or professionally, our actions affect not only us but also those around us. Many of our business decisions involve ethics. If we tell a lie, for example, we can lose someone’s trust and undermine our integrity. If we use shoddy materials or workmanship on the job, we risk jeopardising the safety of other people.

We may think that ethics applies more to our personal lives than to our business lives. But that is not the case. Ethical behavior is equally important in the workplace, whether this is an office, a factory, a boardroom, or on site - in short, everywhere business is conducted. What’s more, only the very clever person can behave one way at work and another way in his or her personal life

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