SAPOA, as the representative body and official voice of the commercial property industry sector in SA, has continued to make notable strides in meeting its goal of enhancing the property sector.

In an endeavor to represent, protect and advance its members' interests, SAPOA has participated and hosted various education and training programmes as well as advocacy initiatives. It has also take a stern interest in building collaborations of note with leading industry bodies as well as private and public sector entities, thus creating an inclusive and conducive environment for the enhancement of member interests, while keeping abreast of the dynamic trends in commercial and industrial property ownership and management.

Being the industry representative for an estimated 90% of the country's commercial and industrial property companies and an authoritative voice in the commercial property industry, SAPOA set out to maximise its level of activity within the sector, thus cementing its commitment to the realisation of a more vibrant, globally competitive industry. The Association continues to note the immense contribution of its workshops, breakfast sessions networking functions and golf days to the industry and the business entities of its members.

SAPOA Member Benefits


SAPOA members enjoy the following benefits at no extra cost:

  • The Premier Network of commercial property leaders
  • Monitoring legislation and lobbying government
  • Access to the industry's latest information through the SAPOA website:
  • Opportunities to participate on various committees, created to discuss matters of concern to the industry

Members also enjoy the following discounted benefits:

  • The Annual International Convention and Property Exhibition
  • Professionally designed educational programmes
  • Workshops, breakfast sessions, networking functions and golf days