SAPOA warns against “construction mafia” operating in and around Johannesburg

Dear Members,

In June 2018, Moneyweb reported on “construction mafia” operating in and around KwaZulu Natal.  These local gangs, who have organised themselves into so called business forums, pounce on construction sites and threaten to shut them down unless they are given 30% of the work. Several sites have given into the demands of construction mafia at the risk of the project disruption, delay and increasing costs. Many firms were forced to enter into negotiations and reach a settlement with the various business forums, whilst several approached the courts to interdict the Business Forum from intimidating or harassing construction workers.

These construction mafia have now settled in Johannesburg and are operating in a similar manner.

We appeal to our members not to succumb to the intimidation and violent tactics and to increase the presence of private security around construction sites.

We will be engaging with SAPS and the various Mayors to join forces with the industry so as to ensure our efforts are coordinated and the responses are measured as we do not want to endanger the lives of anyone on these sites and beyond.