SURVEY - Business Contribution to higher education initiatives

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) will review and analyse the impact and effectiveness of the wider education and training spend by business. SAPOA has been tasked by BUSA to given an indication of existing higher education initiatives that organisations in the commercial property industry have undertaken in the last year.

Please use the information below to guide you in your response:

  • Ideally BUSA wants data for 2016,but if the company’s year starts mid-way, please indicate the period of reporting.
  • The first column refers to the value of bursaries granted to employees
  • The second column refers to the value of bursaries granted to non-employees
  • The third column refers to any other contributions to Higher Education, example – academic programmes, funding chairs, infrastructure funding etc.

Total value of employees supported through Bursary schemes

Total value of Bursaries for unemployed learners (school leavers)

Total value of any other funding to Higher Education Institutions, including CSI

Responses can be sent to, to reach SAPOA by Wednesday 26 October 2016.

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