STATEMENT BY JHB WATER: Meter reading and estimated billing by Johannesburg Water

This process has involved the recruitment and training of meter reading staff. During the transition there has been an increase in the numbers of customers billed on estimated consumption.

Resident’s bills may be higher than usual as the estimated consumption has been based on more days than the normal billing cycle of 30 days. Residents are however assured that the billing system will automatically adjust billing once an actual reading is taken. Residents must also remember that consumption at levels above 20 000 litres/month is currently subject to an increased drought related tariff structure.

The situation will soon be normalized and it is expected that the estimated reading percentage will decrease significantly from the next billing cycle.

Consumers can also read their own meters as a check and send their readings and account number to This must be done on the day that meters are read in their suburb. The appropriate day can be found by ascertaining the billing “Portion” on the front page of the bill – this will indicate a letter from A to U. The meter reading schedule corresponding to these “Portions” is available on our website.

Our meter readers can be identified by their JW branded blue overalls or bright yellow bibs. In addition each of them carries JW staff ID with their name and employee number. If in doubt residents can verify whether a person is an actual Johannesburg Water meter reader by visiting our website (, where their photographs and names are clearly listed.

Residents with queries on their accounts are encouraged to contact any of the City walk in centres. To avoid credit control action (disconnection) it is advisable to continue to pay an average amount whilst the query is being resolved. We also would like to advise residents to immediately settle their accounts or approach the City to make payment arrangement as soon as they receive a pre-termination notice to avoid the inconvenience associated with disconnections.

With regards to disconnections we would like our residents to note the following;

  • Our technicians and those of our approved service providers are not authorized to enter into any negotiations with residents. Therefore residents should never offer or entertain any offers of payment to stop or delay a disconnection. Any such attempts should be reported immediately.

Our technicians and those of our approved service providers are not authorized to remove meters from residents’ property during a disconnection. Again any attempts to do this should be reported.

While every effort is made to reconnect service in the shortest possible time after credit control action, residents should allow for up to 48 hours for a reconnection request to be actioned. It should be noted that payment at a City Revenue Centre will reflect on the system sooner than the alternative pay points available.

Statement issued by:MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services – Councillor Anthony Still

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