POPIA (POPI) - Information Regulator

  • The intention is for the remaining provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act to come into force before the end of 2017, but it may only be in 2018. They are unable to   commit to a date at this point in time.
  • The IR has stressed the importance of the balance between PAIA and POPIA. Section 114(4) of POPIA requires the regulator to take over the function of enforcing of PAIA from the South African Human Rights Commission. They have decided to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to operationalize the relevant section of the Act.
  • The Information Regulator indicated that they would be undertaking a benchmarking exercise to look at other data protection laws, such as those in UK, Germany, Mexico and selected African countries.
  • The Honourable John Jeffries, Deputy Minister of Justice, noted that with the POPIA enactment coming, both public and private bodies should prepare to comply and that there was no reason to delay compliance efforts.
  • They stressed that they wanted to be transparent and open and welcomed engagement with industry sectors and other stakeholders.

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