Feedback on the Water Use License Application Process Workshop

This process is expected to be gazatted for implementation before the end of November 2016, and proposes that a decision on an application will be delivered within 300-calendar days (from date of initial application submission). The department will also introduce an electronic water use license application service (e-WULA) to be implemented in 2017. Attached for your reference is the presentation by the Department of Water & Sanitation.

SAPOA members were able to engage with the Department on their individual water use license application cases and responses were provided were possible. The Department committed to develop a sector application enquiry report that will focus on SAPOA member concerns. SAPOA members are to submit their application enquires to on a bio-weekly basis and these will be sent to the DW&S for investigations and feedback.

The question regarding the provision and registration of boreholes on commercial and industrial properties was raised and the DW&S indicated that general authorization should be applied for and a decision on this process should take no more than 30-days.

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