Feedback on the Inclusionary Housing Engagement between CoJ and SAPOA

The City highlighted that they intend implementing the policy in 2019, reason being that they want to ensure that the policy is feasible, implementable and facilitates effective inclusionary housing developments.

As part of the policy development process the City is exploring a number of aspects including the following;

(a) providing a clear definition for inclusionary housing,

(b) analysing the actual development percentage to be defined as the inclusionary housing ratio,

(c) investigating appropriate incentives that could be considered, assessing the various inclusionary housing value proposition options (e.g.) the provision of off-site options, rental offerings versus ownership offerings,

(d) areas within the City that are targeted for the provision of inclusionary housing,

(e) assessing the target market, its access to possible funding solutions and the sustainability thereof, and

(f) the ability to develop an integrated City in partnership with the various roles players.

The City will continue to engage with SAPOA on the development of the policy.

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